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Rose Sheeva: An Acclaimed Author and Motivational Speaker

Whether you were abused, neglected, or abandoned, Dr. Rose can help you overcome the trauma. With her inspirational guidance, she can help you live a life of spiritual fulfillment and contentment.

Dr. Rose is a skilled and motivating coach who will walk you through the steps one by one and give the accountability and encouragement you need. With more than 21 years of experience, she is a creative sounding board that develops your ideas with structure and a plan in place to put things together.

With Dr. Rose at your side, she can help you save time, keep you focused, and make the journey easeful, productive, and fun. She is dedicated to guiding you through the process of healing with the technique of self-improvement rituals and more.

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The Book of Rose is about how Dr. Rose went through sexual abuse as a child sex slave but was able to overcome all her hardships. This is her story of how she freed herself and how her rituals of self-empowerment helped her through the trauma.

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