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Helping You Set Yourself Free

An inspiring book on overcoming trauma and living life

The Book of Rose


Synopsis of The Book of Rose

No matter what kind of hand life has dealt you, Rose Sheeva can show you that it is possible to overcome trauma. We can help you get through childhood abuse, neglect, or the feeling of abandonment. With her guidance, you will be able to live a full life with passion and enthusiasm.

Dr. Rose’s own life was filled with traumatic events and setbacks that stole her childhood and self-identity. As a child, she was tortured and sexually abused. Through rituals of self-empowerment, Dr. Rose was able to reclaim the love, trust, and hope she thought she had lost. She built herself into the strong woman she is today.

Despite being a child sex slave, Dr. Rose was able to persevere and go on a journey of transformation and free herself. Using these experiences, Dr. Rose combines practical optimism, common sense, and her unique form of African spiritually. With this technique, she helps you get started on your path to achieving spiritual fulfillment and happiness.

Do Not Let Your Past Define Your Future

The Book of Rose has effective rituals of self-empowerment that will help you access your stronghold of resilience and inner power to reclaim your self-worth and live up to your full potential.

You do not have to hide or keep secrets because you deserve the best life has to offer. Dr. Rose provides you with practical guidance and insights on how to heal your painful past without recrimination, blame, or shame. They allow you to live the life you envisioned for yourself.

You do not have to live in fear. By letting go, you will learn how to create the same miraculous results Dr. Rose achieved in her life for yourself and your loved ones.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing solutions to people who have experienced childhood trauma and reaching out to a million people to empower them.

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