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Book of ROSE


The Book of ROSE

The Book of ROSE is a religion and it is the Religion of Self-Empowerment.  Dr. Rose has over 1000 processes she utilized to create the ROSE she is today.   She has designed many custom programs utilizing these processes for her clients so that they can have personal excellence, purpose and to live a productive life. This 8 week program will help you transform yourself beyond your wildest dreams.  One of her many clients Daniel B. started this program and celebrates the moment he let go of his stuck self to becoming free and enjoying every single day of his life.  Start your journey now with ROSE. 

Speak Your Cause


This program will take you through writing your own speeches and how to make them potent using the 3 methods of authenticity, power and persuasiveness. You want people to truly hear you and take action in the ways that you suggest whether to purchase a product or service or to change their ways of thinking.  Dr. Rose has been a motivational speaker selling her dominant product of enabling hundreds of individuals to get their dreams with the powerful processes she teaches. She shares how to get people interested in listening to you by helping you design your signature speeches and much more. 

Get on Tedx


Would you like to get to TED or TEDx?  Is this on your bucket list?  Dr. Rose will reveal the insider secrets to getting on TEDx and share how she did it using her templates and helping you customize your idea worth sharing using her 7 step system to get to TEDx. This system addresses fears, obstacles and simply just DOING what you love.  

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