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TBR Be One versus duality. Judgment is held by duality. Realizing we are one helps us judge less because you are able to say I have been where that person has been perhaps worse off! You release the criticism and you see through God’s Eyes. A great way to live life. Lol Rose 

TBR let the Light power you! I have been steeped in muck and more navigating myself through many of life’s circumstances but my one joy has been my soul. It’s immense resources and strength have kept me smiling for days! Focus on the best part of you. Your wise soul. Lol Rose 

TBR good bad ugly whatever we all come into this life with baggage and life situations to handle. However, situations can never define who we truly are because our true identity comes from our soul, its journey and purpose. Lol Rose 

TBR the Soul’s journey will always trump the Mind’s programs. Remember who you are, truly listen to and trust your soul completely, for it is far wiser than your mind! Lol Rose 

TBR Change is part of life so decide to see the good always. We came here to learn and grow from everything good bad and ugly. So pray stay close to your dreams and get everyone of them. You are doing great because you are accepting what you cannot change. You’re the only one you can change remember that! I wrote this to a friend and found I need this too! Lol Rose 

TBR today I heard my soul. Wise beyond measure. We are on a journey here to fulfill our purpose so stay focused. I smiled because the distractions stepped aside to allow my soul’s purpose to take the lead. Live from your soul today. Lol Rose 

TBR Trust your soul completely. Your mind cannot be trusted due to past programming, how you were raised, etc But your soul is wise and has purpose here and now. If you’re gonna wage a war do it with your soul for you will surely have the victory! I heard this deep in my soul and thought to share it. Lol Rose 

TBR You can always start over! That’s the gift we get each new day. So make a fresh start. Say, ‘today shall be the best day ever’. Keep your mind focused on what is working, what is positive and what is lovely in you and in your life. One life to live; so make the most of it. Get those goals and dreams accomplished.  ✅ lol Rose. 

TBR we are here by faith. Each day we live is truly a gift. Making sure we are making enough money to pay our various obligations and having fun along the way keeps us super busy. This life is way too short to be wasting time. So appreciate each day and live fully with gratitude knowing that walking by faith is the key to less stress. Lol Rose 

TBR self compassion vs self pity. Chose self compassion because we are all guilty of being way too hard on ourselves, self beating with regrets, remorse and negativity all directed to ourselves. Make self compassion a daily ritual by loving everything about yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly and whatever else. Why? Because God loves you honey. Lol Rose 

TBR remember who you are. Refuse to be intimidated or to settle for less. Your thoughts are real things so be careful where you place them. Disallow doubt by unsubscribing to it! Love is always the answer. Rose 

TBR this too shall pass. Life is full of ups downs and turns but when you are focused on love, doing what you love and holding love no matter what, you will find JOY bubbling up. I wished every day had no problems until my angel reminded me that problems are golden opportunities to grow oneself to higher realms of enlightenment! Lol Rose 

TBR surrender is very different from competition. My childhood was fraught with competition and comparison. It is so refreshing to finally live in collaboration and surrender knowing that God has my back always. New beginnings this spring full of trust, love and surrender to God, the Divine Light! lol Rose 

TBR Letting go is one of the hardest things to do especially when you are so attached. One way that helps is to remember life is short and if this were your last day would this matter? Yep, living the dream being on spring break. Longer hair and a smile of relaxation. Lol Rose 

TBR talk to the person’s soul and not to their condition. Why? Because we all carry trauma, drama and karma. We all have lessons we came to learn. Our soul knows this so let’s talk to each other’s souls to encourage and remind ourselves that we are in this world but not of this world! Lol Rose 

TBR Valentines Day finally!!! Love, being loved, in love is a gift! Why? Love is a huge motivator and fills your heart with JOY. When the heart is happy you attract lots of good to you! Positivity is power unleashed. Goal for the year is make every day Valentine’s Day full of love and joy and watch you and your life be empowered and changed forever! Lol Rose 

TBR Day of the Dead celebration remembering life is too short to waste time. Seizing the moment to dance! Live life fully, use your time well doing what matters to You! At the end of life I hope to have gotten all my bucket list done! Lol Rose 

TBR Say I LOVE YOU. Life is fun when you meet people from the past and are able to reconnect. I am so grateful for this. Tonight, I met the saddest person as I was running errands. She was someone I knew from a job. Avoid being alone and join a community group, a church I chided. I rushed home and called my ex-boyfriend who is still my great friend and said, ‘I love you!’ and he said, ‘hey gal I needed that!’ lol Rose 

TBR Hope. Keep your dreams in the hope circle of deep love! Never forget who you are and what you are aiming for. Here’s me in Windsor Hills gallivanting! Behind me is my LOVE Los Angeles. Lol Rose 

TBR Love! When we die we won’t take anything with us but LOVE. I called the man i love the most today and reminded him of why I LOVE him so much. He has been with me in the worst of times and in the best of times. He loves me rich and he has loved me poor. He is my deepest soul. When my time comes I will take his LOVE with me!!! How cool this is…LOVE matters. Lol Rose 

TBR Violence can be psychological. It can be negative thoughts that consistently tear you down. The BIG question is how to end this. Having sat in therapy several hours listening to people disclose their innermost secrets to me, I can tell you a lot of this awful violence started in childhood. So it’s a place we all must go to heal and to put this to rest. Literally, let that type of violence die. Only then, can we allow God to bring in NEW positive thoughts that build you UP. ‘You are of great VALUE to ME’, God says and ‘I LOVE YOU COMPLETELY’. Embrace these truths. lol Rose 

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