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The Path of Self Destruction

People always want to know about you.   You’re going to have to decide what it is you want people to know.   People want to know where you come from your family, what your problems are, what you going to be doing five years from now.  Always curious these questions help people categorize you or build a profile.   The question I am asking you, ‘Is this profile of you that they are building advantageous to you and your business?’ 

From my experience people are very haphazard about this they don’t take this seriously.  This profiling that people do of you.   So many times it works to your disadvantage.  Why would you tell anybody that you’re divorced or that you’re having problems financially or that you’ve been struck by disaster.  Why not focus on what you want them to hear?  That you are successful, that you have a business that is doing well or is revamping reorganizing.  That you have products that you need to get in front of people.  Ask them how they can help you get in front of people and how they can benefit from helping you.  That is a more useful conversation to have with people. 

Two years ago when asked what I do.   I talked haphazardly.  I was careless about what I said about myself and these people have bad images of me.   We all have been in situations where we shared too much and it cost us.  How can we change this?  Change your bad image as you may feel or call it?   The only thing that you can do is to get some new results that you can talk about, that you can be featured in an article that you may write yourself or someone does that says shines the positive about your results.  Why?  Success is really your best way to promote yourself.   People love success, people love successful people you will automatically have following.  I also know that Kim Kardashian is successful in turning a negative situation into a successful one. Why, she uses the same technique outlined but with added sophisticated marketing.  Simply put people love a comeback story.  So join me in leveraging this in your life, get some awesome results and stop talking haphazardly.  Talk and share with purpose, plan and vision.  More about how to do this later on. 

Another way that I advise my clients to follow is to solve a problem or to be seeing doing something that is charitable and have that publicized Have photographs taken of you doing these good works.  Post on Facebook so that people get to know kind of person you are.   We all have faults but when people see us making the attempts to make our lives better then they sympathize or are forgiving.  Then they feel that you’re not as bad as they thought you were. 

We all fall sometimes, we all sin.  But it’s the people who get up and make it work for them that succeed in this life.  When you’re licking your wounds and feeling sorry for yourself and hating the people that hurt you or your bitter, then you are fighting a losing battle.   You are better off counting your losses and telling yourself that you will avoid that path and choose a different  path that you want to be on and stick to it for the rest of your life.   You choose to avoid being addicted to being a failure, to being a loser.   Winners pick themselves up regardless of the situation.   Avoid taking yourself out of the game and letting your competition win.  Find a way to stay the game even if you have to make a public apology of a shameful act.  GoDaddy’s founder made a public apology for his foolish act of killing an African elephant while on safari.   

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