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Posts by Rose Sheeva

The Path of Self Destruction

People always want to know about you.   You’re going to have to decide what it is you want people to know.   People want to know where you come from your family, what your problems are, what you going to be doing five years from now.  Always curious these questions help people categorize you or build…

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The Power of Self Blame

I’ve had the most amazing experience when I took on self-blame and decided that I’m responsible for all the shit, all the bad things that had happened in my life since I was a baby, my life shifted. You see, all this time my energy had been spent blaming others for what happened to me…

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TBR Be One versus duality. Judgment is held by duality. Realizing we are one helps us judge less because you are able to say I have been where that person has been perhaps worse off! You release the criticism and you see through God’s Eyes. A great way to live life. Lol Rose  TBR let…

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